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Centro Medico Reque is your go-to medical team in Marbella for manual physiotherapy. Our experienced team of physiotherapists are leaders in their field and can offer you the latest physiotherapy techniques for treating pan and other symptoms of neuro, musculo and skeletal dysfunctions of the spine and limbs.

We specialise in applying manual physiotherapy techniques that are specifically designed to relieve muscle and joint pain, recover movement in restricted joints and to improve overall functionality -with immediate results. Alongside manual manipulations, we also administer physiotherapy treatments using the latest professional technological equipment.

Whether you receive manual or technology based physiotherapy the aim of our type of therapy is to expedite your recovery and to return to you to peak levels of fitness in the shortest possible space of time.

Centro Medico Reque can treat the following conditions with manual physiotherapy: muscle, joint and tendon injuries, trapped nerves (sciatica, neuralgia, carpal tunnel and parathesia (pins and needles), repetitive strain injuries, patellar tendinopathy, subluxations, chronic sprains, prolapsed discs and protruding discs.


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