Effective Physiotherapeutical massage
in Marbella, Costa del Sol



One of the chosen techniques by the physiotherapist when treating and caring for muscle injuries is massage.

Massage is defined as a manual physiotherapy technique based in the therapeutical mobilisation of the different tissues, with the purpose of provoking a painkilling, relaxing and/or stimulating reaction, combining mobility and pressure manoeuvres made by the hands of the physiotherapist. The final objective is to decrease tensions, remove or minimize the pain and relax or stimulate the muscles of the patient.

Before starting with the massage, the physiotherapist must previously think of the target purpose, and for that, he must be aware of the techniques he has available and for which therapeutical purposes will he apply them.
With the massage, the body in general is stimulated, and the zone or area of the muscle system where it is specifically applied. It brings the nervous system into action, also the circulatory system and other bodily functions.

The objective is to remove or evacuate the waste accumulated in the muscles due to the work of our metabolic system. There are specific treatment techniques, for example the lymphatic massage, specially applied to minimize swelling or inflammation in muscles and joints.

Also, the massage facilitates discharge of the muscle, as it provokes an important reaction of the blood circulation, which will increase the supply of nutrients contained in the blood to the muscle.

With all of the above, together with the sensitiveness, experience and intuition of the physiotherapist, the massage will be a chosen technique within the physiotherapy, with the objective of improving, specifically, the status of the muscles, joints, circulatory system, the skin, etc., and in all the general wellbeing of the patient.

The physiotherapist is the only qualified professional to apply a massage for therapeutical purposes, thanks to the knowledge of anatomy and pathology adquired through his university degree and postgraduate studies.

Massage types:

  • Sports massage
  • Circulatory massage
  • Detoxifying Massage
  • Decontractant massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Therapeutical massage
  • Anti-stress or relaxing massage